15 Ideal Holiday Gifts for the Classic Car Lover

Christmas is just around the corner. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to picking the right gifts for your loved ones. Giving them a nice ride through car leasing is amazing, but why not accompany it with other stuff that they might like and find useful? For example, giving them something that has to do with their passion.

We have listed a few recommendations below that we believe will give your loved ones something to rave even more for months.


15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Cars


    1. Gearstick Bottle Stoppers

For the car lover and wine connoisseur, this gearstick bottle stopper is the perfect gift. The wine stopper is topped with a replica of a gearstick. You’re hitting two birds with one stone on this one.


  1. Classic Car Mugs

For those cold mornings or evenings that call for a cup of hot coffee, chocolate, milk, or eggnog, serve them in classic car mugs that showcase some of the best classic cars on them.


  1. Retro Formula 1 Coasters

Since you’re already enjoying a delicious beverage, you need coasters to put your mugs and glasses on, right? What a great way for car enthusiasts to enjoy their drinks!


  1. Spanner Cutlery Cheese Knives

Open wrench on one end, cheese cutter on the other. What’s not to like about this set? This stainless steel cheese knife set will surely be a hit for those who love their cars and cheese.


  1. Racetrack Rug

Although most rugs with racetrack themes may seem like it’s only for children, car enthusiasts won’t mind getting one of them. It adds personality to any space and easily brings in the classic car vibe to a home.

classic  car


  1. Vintage Car Socks

Socks are almost always a staple Christmas gift that almost all men receive every year so why break the tradition, right? Only this time, give them socks that they would love to rock.


  1. Racing Beanies

Beanies are perfect for the cold weather. Add some flair to your friend’s style with racing-themed beanies. These come in different sizes and colors with a wide array of prints and designs to choose from.


  1. UGear U-9 Grand Prix Car Model Kit

Car enthusiasts’ minds will be blown away by the amazing details of this car model kit from UGear. This is more complex than Lego with working wheels, pistons, and shocks. Your loved one will definitely have a great time putting this kit together.


  1. Classic & Sports Car Greatest Hits

If you want your buddy to get his classic car fix and be happy the whole year, get him a subscription to a classic car magazine. If you want to bring it up a notch or two, Classic & Sports Car has a greatest hits series that would make for great holiday gifts.


  1. Land Rover Icon

Land Rover Icon is a must-have item for all Land Rover fans. This coffee-table book is packed with a lot of information, photos, and trivia about one of the world’s most beloved off-road brands.


  1. G-Case Travelcase

Make people’s heads turn with this unique travelcase from G-Case. This luggage will fool everyone into thinking you’re carrying a petrol container where in fact it contains your clothes and other personal items. It’s perfect for your jetsetter-car aficionado buddy/


  1. Lego James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Who doesn’t love James Bond? Suave. Debonair. Intelligent. Sophisticated. And drives some of the best cars in the world. The car mostly associated with James Bond is, of course, the Aston Martin DB5. And Lego released a set of the famous Bond car. Don’t let this one escape.


  1. Sparco Vintage Race Suit

For the hardcore race fans, give them a vintage race suit from Sparco. They can display them or wear them for cosplay or even just for the heck of it. Any Sparco fan would go gaga over this one.


  1. McKlein Motorsport Classic 2021 Calendar

While there’s still no certainty when the pandemic will end, you can still enjoy looking at nice pictures on your 2021 calendar to inspire you and keep your spirits up, right? A McKlein 2021 calendar should do the trick car aficionados everywhere.


  1. Playforever Wooden Cars

We’re not quite sure if this entry is for kids or adults, but we’re certain that anyone who’s into cars, especially vintage ones, will get a kick out of these Playforever Wooden Cars. They’re simply irresistible.

What are you waiting for? Get started now before the Christmas rush rolls in. Happy shopping!

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