3 Types of Vehicular Traffic Coatings

Traffic coatings are used on roads to protect them from heavier traffic weights from daily vehicles or foot traffic, as described in the video. Epoxy Broadcast Systems is the first type of vehicular traffic coating that is mostly used by building owners because they are cheap and significantly easy to apply, which reduces overall downtime. Epoxy coatings are non-waterproof, and they are suitable in areas with medium rain. The epoxy system helps prevent concrete surfaces from further mechanical damage.

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Sealers are another type of vehicular traffic coating that is economical and easy to apply on concrete surfaces. This coating can be sprayed directly without changing the appearance of the concrete, making it a perfect solution for building owners looking for easy-to-use solutions. However, it requires frequent application.

Polyurethane Systems are the third type. Unlike sealers and epoxy broadcast systems, this type of vehicular offers a strong waterproof layer which provides different eye therapy for building owners looking to spice up their high-traffic areas. Because of its waterproof characteristics, polyurethane systems can be applied on an already cracked concrete floor to prevent more damage.

These types of vehicular traffic coatings help protect areas with high traffic, improve the longevity of concrete buildings, and provide an aesthetic look that will ensure sustainable structures. With these solutions, building owners will have low repair and maintenance costs while protecting their parking decks or pathways to withstand heavy traffic over the years.

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