Your Guide to the Best Vehicles for Long Road Trips in the U.S.

• SUVs and crossovers like the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Hyundai Venue are excellent choices for long road trips.

• Pickup trucks such as the Ford F-150 offer superior capability in any kind of weather or terrain.

• Those traveling with a large group may want to consider a minivan like the Honda Odyssey or Kia Carnival for optimal comfort and space.

• Upgrade options such as tinted windows, new tires, interior LED lighting, navigation systems, and child safety seats can help improve your road trip experience.

• Remember to check your vehicle’s suspension before hitting the road to ensure a comfortable ride.

Taking a road trip is one of the most iconic American experiences. So whether planning a cross-country adventure or just a weekend getaway, you’ll want to choose a vehicle that can handle long distances and keep everyone comfortable. Here’s your guide to the best vehicles for long road trips in the U.S., so you can ensure your car won’t be a source of stress on your journey!

SUVs and Crossovers

These days, SUVs and crossovers are some of the most popular choices for long road trips, thanks to their spacious interiors, high fuel economy, and superior performance on all types of terrain.

The Toyota Highlander is an excellent choice for larger groups, with plenty of legroom and seating for up to eight passengers—plus, it has an impressive 5,000-pound tow capacity, so you can bring extra gear if necessary. Another great option is the Honda Pilot; this mid-size SUV offers plenty of cargo space and fuel efficiency in one stylish package. An affordable SUV is the Hyundai Venue, costing only around $19,000, making it one of the cheapest vehicles in the market.

Pickup Trucks

Consider choosing a pickup truck instead if you need something more rugged than an SUV or crossover. Pickups like the Ford F-150 offer superior capability in any kind of weather or terrain—not to mention they have enough room for all your luggage and equipment! Also, if you plan on doing any off-roading during your trip, then a pickup truck is worth considering—it will also help you with any extra camping gear or recreational equipment that won’t fit inside the cab.



Minivans may not be as stylish as SUVs or pickups, but they have many advantages regarding long road trips. It’s hard to beat a minivan regarding passenger comfort; with plush seating and space for legs and luggage alike, your family will feel at home in these spacious vehicles! The Honda Odyssey is one popular option; it offers ample storage capacity plus plenty of tech features like Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports for charging devices on the go. If you want something affordable, you can go for a Kia Carnival, costing only around $34,000.

Upgrades For Better Experience

You don’t need to break the bank when choosing a vehicle for your next road trip—pick one that fits everyone’s needs while still delivering excellent performance on all terrain! However, if you want an improved experience, you’ll need to upgrade these vehicles. Here are somesuperbt upgrade options for a great road trip experience.


You don’t want to be distracted while driving, so equipping your vehicle with windshield and side window tinting is a great way to reduce glare and allow you to focus on the road. Additionally, it provides extra privacy if you need to take a break. If you notice any damages on your car windows, ensure to get them repaired beforehand. A local auto glass repair service can do this for you. They’ll ensure your car windows are in perfect condition before you hit the road.


If your tires are worn or damaged, they must be replaced before taking off on a long trip. Not only will they ensure your safety while driving, but they will also help improve fuel efficiency and provide better performance on all types of terrain. You should also check your tire pressure regularly and ensure they are correctly inflated before taking off on your journey.

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If you’re traveling with children, equipping your vehicle with child safety seats is essential to ensure their safety on the road. Additionally, you can install interior LED lighting or a navigation system to make navigation easier. These are just some upgrades that will help improve your experience while taking a road trip.


Finally, you’ll want to check your vehicle’s suspension before heading out. Poor suspension can lead to an uncomfortable ride, so ensure it is in good condition and properly serviced beforehand. This will provide a smooth journey for everyone!

Following these tips, you can choose the best vehicle for your road trip and upgrade it for a more comfortable experience. Whether planning a cross-country adventure or just a weekend getaway, the right car will help make your trip more enjoyable and stress-free! Good luck on your journey!

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