Steel vs. Aluminum Choosing the Right Livestock Trailer

Buying a livestock trailer is a big investment, and selecting the right material can be tough. While aluminum trailers are popular for their rust resistance, steel trailers offer a compelling alternative for budget-minded farmers with a few key advantages.

Steel trailers are significantly cheaper upfront.

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A new 24-foot steel trailer can cost around $12,500, whereas an aluminum trailer of the same size could cost over $20,000. While aluminum trailers may retain more value at the end of their lifespan, the initial price difference can be substantial.

For many farmers who haul livestock a few times a year, the extended lifespan of aluminum may not be a deciding factor. Steel trailers are also easier and cheaper to repair yourself, whereas aluminum repairs often require a professional welder. Steel’s initial strength is another perk.

However, steel does rust. So, if you live in a wet climate or plan to keep your trailer for more than 20 years, aluminum’s rust resistance becomes more important.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and budget. Steel livestock trailers are a cost-effective option for many farmers, especially those who are comfortable making their own repairs.

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