Luxurious Hobbies Of Wealthy People

Each of us has hobbies and leisure activities. It is our way of relaxing or taking a break after an exhausting day at work or school. And it’s also our way to cope with sadness or stress. But not all hobbies are the same. And they certainly do not all cost the same.

In comparison, most of us are okay with just watching a movie on the weekend. It is not the case for some rich people. They have different ways of spending their free time compared to ordinary people.

Some people have costly hobbies like collecting classic automobiles or throwing Caribbean yacht parties. At the same time, others enjoy golf and willingly donate money to organizations to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

Here’s a list of luxurious hobbies of wealthy people.

Luxurious Hobbies


Skiing has been around for a long time now. It was first used as a mode of transportation. After a while, it became a tool for military operations in cold weather. But now, it has evolved into a sport and recreational activity.

Skiing is currently one of many people’s favorite outdoor pastimes, particularly among the world’s wealthy and famous. Many well-known billionaires enjoy going downhill for the pleasure it provides. And some of them even own entire resorts.

There was even talk that the famed Roman Abramovich planned to buy the whole Courchevel resort. Courchevel resort is a famous French ski resort that ranks among the world’s most luxurious resorts. Who can blame him, after all? If we had the resources, we’d do it as well.

Although skiing is primarily for the wealthy, it is increasingly becoming more accessible to the public. Now is a great time to start when it comes to gear selection and learning the basics of what you’ll need and how to accomplish it on a budget.

Playing Golf

Golf is one of those games that many of the wealthy and famous enjoy. For some, it is boring, while for others, it is relaxing. From actor Clint Eastwood to Donald Trump, many wealthy people have no trouble paying the exorbitant costs of some of the world’s finest luxury golf club memberships.

When we say sky-high, we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. Anyone can find a golf course for a fun weekend, but only a select few will seek out the top courses in the world and bear the expenditures associated with this sport. And when you fly to the other side of the world to play golf on one of the top courses available, you won’t be bringing cheap clubs with you.

Collecting Expensive Cars

Some rich people collect cars for business. But most of them collect them for pleasure, from classic cars to sports cars. Other collectors absolutely must have the best of everything, so they jump at the chance to buy new models of rare and exotic automobiles. 

Many collectors are quirky individuals who possess custom-built vehicles based on their own notions of automobile design. The fun doesn’t stop there. Expensive car collectors even spend thousands of money to customize their top-of-the-line vehicles. They get services for car clear bras, superb audio installation, and dazzling car repainting. 

Regardless of their motivations, the avid vehicle collectors and their collections are extraordinary and tremendously amazing. Some of these collections can be visited and viewed, as a few of them are open to the public.


Sailing is another great sport that is in between unaffordable and highly unaffordable. It is a sport primarily available to the wealthy, ranging from renting small sailing ships to owning large luxury boats.

Many celebrities, including George Clooney, enjoy it as a hobby. While sailing is a beautiful sport, having a yacht and party in the Caribbean with all the lovely ladies dancing on the deck is more of a hobby than a sport, but it is still costly.

Flying a plane

Many people dream of flying as a child, but only a tiny percentage of them ever develop the money to make it a reality. And we’re not talking about talents here; we’re talking about the cost of learning to fly and owning a plane.

Obtaining a PPL (Private Pilot License) will cost you roughly $10,000 at the most. And owning a plane will cost you thousands of dollars for a fundamental and ancient type like the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. And what’s even more surprising is that the prices only increase from there. 

Traveling around the world

Travel is getting more and more common. Although transportation costs are decreasing as technology advances and holidays are becoming increasingly affordable, few people can afford to travel for more than a few weeks each year.

However, the world’s wealthiest people have both the leisure and the money to travel for months. And that’s what makes traveling a hobby in and of itself. First-class plane tickets, luxurious destinations, and opulent hotel rooms are just a few of the benefits of touring the world as the wealthy do.

There are many luxurious hobbies available for the rich, and this list covers the most common for them. We often see their lifestyles on televisions and magazines, but we barely see what’s going on behind the camera. It’s not surprising to know that their life on TV is not as far from their reality. 

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