Please Don’t Waste Your Summer Birthday Staying Inside

We know how tempting it can be to just sit back and let the AC blast for the entirety of summer, and while that’s a perfectly acceptable way of spending it, we firmly believe there’s a bunch more you could do with your time. And if we add your birthday to that equation, then all the more reason to go outside, beat the summer heat, and use the opportunity to celebrate the day you were born in the most unforgettable way possible.

So we’ve set out to list down some of the most exciting ways one can celebrate their birthday during summer, acknowledging that staying inside is a null and void option considering we’ve been doing that for the majority of 2021 already. And, luckily enough, we found three activities that can take your birthday to the next level and will undoubtedly get your butt off the couch and wanting the day to come sooner.

#1 Set Out For A Private Luxury Cruise

Recommendation number one — head straight for the ocean and set out for a private luxury cruise. Instead of wasting away inside and celebrating your birthday in the dullest way possible, we suggest that you grab a couple of buddies and some family friends to spend the entire night out on your own private luxury cruise. Of course, we don’t expect you to buy a superyacht, but companies like VIP Boat Hire make renting one out affordable and accessible.

  • Food & Drinks Provided

    One of the best features that come with renting a private luxury cruise is that you get the full experience and don’t have to prepare any of the food or drinks yourself. All the money you put in will cover every expense, and all you have to do is be there on time, wear your finest set of party clothes, and enjoy the night away.

  • Make All The Noise You Want

    Birthdays can get pretty noisy, and that goes double for one celebrated during the summer because noise is but one way we to let out the steam from the summer heat. And while being noisy can get you a complaint from your neighbors, it’s all fair game when you’re out on the sea, so feel free to dance and make all the noise you want.

#2 A Starry Sky And A Beach Bonfire

Recommendation number two — embrace the starry night sky and build yourself a beach bonfire. If partying on a luxury cruise isn’t much your style, then we suggest celebrating your birthday right on the shore with a beautiful bonfire to commemorate the special into everybody’s hearts. Sure, it might not come off as extravagant as a superyacht, but there’s nothing more meaningful than seeing the flames of the bonfire resonate with your being.

  • Sweet And Affordable

    As far as expenses go, celebrating your birthday with a beach bonfire is a million times sweeter and affordable than any other experience. Plus, there’s nothing more delicious than making your own s’mores and sharing them with your friends on your special day. And who says you can’t have a full-course meal with just the barbeque grill?

  • Reconnect With Friends

    In contrast to the strobing lights and heavy partying, a beach bonfire will make for an excellent opportunity to reconnect with friends and family you haven’t had the chance to talk to in a long time. The beach setting is perfect for opening up, and the starry sky will make everyone’s pandemic story tug on your heartstrings like never before.

#3 Be Adventurous And Try Watersports

Recommendation number three — take the leap of faith into adventure and try out watersports that pique your interest. We’ve spent far too long staring at other people’s great adventures on YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram stories that it’s about time we get the chance ourselves. So, for your summer birthday special, do away with the chill pills, and it’s time you embrace the thrill and excitement.

  • Surf The Waves

    Connecting with the ocean and surfing the waves does not only make for the best photos to post on Instagram but also an excellent escape from the stress of the world. And with a few friends tagging along, you can have a super-relaxed day out at the beach with some cold drinks and good food. Plus, the summer heat will feel like nothing with the sea breeze running across your face.

  • Travel And Go Scuba Diving

    If you haven’t tried scuba diving at least once in your life, then we strongly recommend that you take a trip and go scuba diving just this one time as a special treat for your birthday. There’s just something magical to see the underwater beauty with your own two eyes and the summer season is just the perfect chance to do so. Heck, you might even find your own message in a bottle story.

Make Your Summer Birthday Unforgettable

Overall, we only want what’s best for you, and that is to make your summer birthday unforgettable. Staying inside for too long has done nobody in this world any good, so please cut yourself some slack, especially since it’s your birthday!

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