Self-driving Vehicles: Should You Have One?

Technology today is simply mind-blowing. Over the years, man has developed incredible devices and machines that are mind-boggling and jaw-dropping. Many bring about astonishingly impeccable benefits to the human race. The top of this list is AI or artificial intelligence. And thanks to these intelligent robots, self-driving cars are now a reality. Imagine a car that can bring you just about anywhere without you having to touch the wheel.

But the million-dollar question is should you be in one? What are the immediate benefits and possible risks in acquiring a unit?

The truth is self-driving cars are a fantasy-fiction-become-reality too hard to resist. Many people can’t wait to own a self-driving car. Because of the excitement, many don’t realize there may be some downsides to this technology. Are you surprised? Well, don’t be. Below are the pros and cons of the hottest car that will soon hit the market. Weigh-in and decide for yourself if it’s a great idea to be the first to rush and own a self-driving car.

Why Own One?

Self-driving cars sure have a lot to offer. With the high-end technology they operate with, there’s a lot in store for you with them. Let’s take a look at the significant benefits of having these cars.

  • Reduced Car Crashes

One of the major causes of accidents on the road is reckless driving. Reckless driving accounts for about 30% of auto accidents. And this can be averted with self-driving cars. Take note that these cars are programmed with sophisticated systems to be perfect. Thus, you can get rid of the human error that comes with ordinary vehicles. And this is a big one.

Added to that, we’re talking about minimizing drunk driving. To note, in 2016 alone, over 10,000 people were killed in alcohol-related driving crashes. Imagine how much safer our roads will be. It is estimated that self-driving cars can help reduce the rate of accidents up to 90%.

  • Traffic Efficiency

One of the main problems on the road is traffic. Many people spend hours in their car just because of traffic congestion. It is said that people in America spend about 119 hours a year on the road because of traffic. Well, with self-driving cars running on the streets, this wouldn’t be the case.

The good thing about self-driving cars is that their system communicates effectively with one another. So, when there are many self-driving cars on the road, there is proper communication. The result? People can travel easily without having to worry about traffic. Everything that can cause traffic is avoided by self-driving cars reducing traffic congestion rates.

In effect, you arrive faster. No traffic means less time on the road. Even better, self-driving cars take the best routes for your journey. So all in all, you don’t just arrive safer, but also a lot faster.

  • Better Transportation

As much as driving is a thing now, not everyone can drive. Some choose not to drive, while some can’t drive because of specific reasons. With self-driving cars, these people can still have access to their own vehicles. All they need to do is get into the car and then, the car does all the job.

Why Shun Self-driving Cars?

driving car

As much as there are pros that seem enticing, there are also cons that can be discouraging. Taking these into account should be worth your time.

  • Initial Cost

The major con that comes with self-driving cars is the price. The initial cost of these cars is enormous. This is, by the way, the cream of the crop. It’s technology at its finest. Some estimate it to cost over $250,000 each. That can certainly be overwhelming.

Truth be told, only a few can afford that amount for the initial payment of a car, thus, limiting a larger percentage of the general population from owning one. The excellent news is pundits are saying the price could go down in 2030.

Self-driving cars will cost you a lot more than your ordinary car. In contrast, cars today are a lot cheaper. You can even own a car even when your credit rating is not so good. For instance, “buy here, pay here” car dealerships will allow you to get a car with no credit or bad credit. They help with financing the payment process allowing you to drive a car home even when you’re still struggling and mending your finances. It’s a breather.

  • Job Losses

One of the main concerns of people with the advancement of technology is technology replacing men. Many of the devices and machines that are being built can work more effectively than a single man. With that, many people are beginning to lose their jobs because these machines and devices have replaced them.

Many people are truck drivers, taxi drivers, and bus drivers. With the advent of self-driving cars, many of their jobs would be easily replaced with this high-tech car. And this does not in any way empower people in the community.

There are always two sides to a story. And self-driving cars are no different. But that’s just how man progresses. His ability to adjust and adapt to technology will reign supreme. And for sure, self-driving cars won’t be an exception. Just make sure you get the best seats in town when the roadshow starts rolling. You can always have one when prices are way lower.

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